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Crocs - hot or not?

Will anyone still be rocking Crocs in 2024?

From Shrek-inspired shoes to catwalk-ready creations by Simone Rocha and a collab with Levis, it’s no secret that Crocs are having a real marketing moment. But how do we really feel about the Marmite of the fashion world and will anyone still be rocking them in 2024?

Whether you mercilessly mock them or rock them, we think Crocs have the power to divide a nation. 

People love to hate, which is a strong statement but it’s true! We’re chemically conditioned to enjoy it. When we express such a strong emotion as hate neurotransmitters secrete serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin which are also known as the ‘happy hormones’ that promote positive feelings. 

So, our less than attractive footwear friend has given rise to the Ugly Footwear trend along with the Birkenstock and the jelly shoe. But is our love/hate relationship with the foamy frenemy giving rise to a new fad and converting a nation? Will you be avoiding Croctober 23rd or will you be flipping yours into sport mode and taking to the streets?

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