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A new framework to spark consumer action, drive sales and win loyalty.

At Sticky we pride ourselves on being naturally curious. But it’s not just our curious tendencies that play a role in creating great content, it’s understanding our audiences’ curiosity – what sparks it and what can help satiate it.

Our agency-led report ‘The Power of Curiosity: A new framework to spark consumer action, drive sales and win loyalty’ is the first of its kind to truly explore what curiosity means to consumers and how brands can leverage it.

“The more curious you are, the more likely you are to act.”

Combining academic research and input from expert marketers, we’ve examined the role curiosity plays in the next level of attitudinal targeting and how segmenting audiences by curiosity type can help inspire genuine connections and motivate people to take action.

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  • Examine the ways curiosity impacts human behaviour, from boosting life satisfaction to driving innovation
  • Explore the macro drivers that impact people’s curiosity journeys, including digital acceleration and social awakening
  • Meet the Curious Consumer Cohorts – a new way of segmenting your audience based on their behaviour and motivations
  • Discover the opportunities curiosity can bring and how it can help you better target your customers and compel them to act
  • Learn from other brands already embracing a curious mindset

To discuss how Sticky can help your brand connect with today’s Curious Consumer Cohorts, we’re offering a complimentary 30-minute opportunity session with our in-house strategy team.

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Curiosity is a practice of connection: it connects ideas into networks of knowledge, and it connects knowers themselves, both to the knowledge they seek and to each other.
Perry Zurn and Dani Bassett,
Authors of Curious Minds: The Power of Connection
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