Creating connections through curiosity

Introducing Sticky

We’re a full-service content marketing agency on a mission to satisfy the innate curiosity of the human mind.

Bringing together a passion for behavioural science, a dedication to creative thinking and an award-winning heritage in content production, we breathe life into brand stories and build connections in a way that leaves your audiences curious for more.

All powerful content starts with curiosity

And not just your brand’s curiosity, or our curiosity, but your audiences’ curiosity.

At Sticky, we believe understanding your audiences’ curiosity – what drives it and what satisfies it – is the key to content that creates deeper connections and drives brand engagement and loyalty.

Why curiosity?

The marketing industry has long used traditional demographics to view audiences. But this model just doesn’t work anymore. We want to shake up the little boxes we put people into and consider an attitudinal model that allows us to be inclusive regardless of age, gender, race or finances. And that’s where curiosity comes in.

Being curious is a core human value, something that unites us all and is at the heart of all good storytelling. So, it makes sense to put curiosity front and centre when it comes to considering our audiences’ motivations, preferences and challenges.

Our investigations into curiosity have led to the discovery of five curiosity cohorts.

These curiosity types help us understand the different ways people explore the world and how they like to be communicated with, so we can craft amazing content that better serves audiences’ needs and drives action.

Curiosity cohorts

Clarity Seeker
Exhilaration Hunter
Expressive Individual
Socio-Eco Empath
Novelty Explorer

Meet our curious team

Our Clarity Seekers

Dan Quarrell
Director of Finance & Operations
Georgie Mathew
Client Services Director
Kashana Hoffman
Project Support Officer
Mini Hoonjan
Senior Account Director

Our Exhilaration Hunters

Darren Burroughs
Darren Burroughs
Managing Director
Olgun Gokdemir
Senior Graphic Designer

Our Expressive Individuals

Rhian Harries
Creative & Strategy Director
Sean Coyte, Senior Copywriter
Sean Coyte
Senior Copywriter
Katie Lyonette
Midweight Strategist
Megan Conradie
Midweight Editor
Sengan Cole
Project Manager
Chynna Jones
Chynna Jones
Junior Content Writer
Sandy Pianim
Senior Account Director
Belinda Nairn
Senior Creative

Our Socio-Eco Empaths

Carla Dobson
Director of Editorial Content 
Jonathan Gray
Jono Gray
Middleweight Designer
Maryam Munir
Midweight Editor
Kiera Burgess

Our Novelty Explorers

Jonathan Cupper
Jonathan Cupper
Head of New Business
Jamie Wood
Senior Communication Strategist
Jackie Kingsley
Head of Editorial
Giacomo Cannata
Senior Producer
Nick Bain
Senior Strategist
Claire Moruzzi
Senior Editor
Tivvy Black
Senior Account Manager

Our Curiosity Chameleon

Curiosity Chameleons are part of the 5% of the population with more than one primary curiosity type.
Bridie Pritchard
Senior Researcher & Content Analyst

Feeling curious?

You can learn more about our approach to curiosity in our agency-led report ‘The Power of Curiosity: A new framework to spark consumer action, drive sales and win loyalty’
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