2022 Client Survey: Satisfied clients and record-breaking feedback

It’s not just our content and advice that clients value but our people too…

We invest in client surveys to ensure the service and expertise we provide meets our clients’ expectations. Now in their third year, the surveys help to track our performance over time and find areas where improvements can be made – and this year’s feedback is nothing short of spectacular.  

The 2022 Client Survey

A stonking 94% of respondents rated Sticky 8 or above when asked how satisfied they were with editorial or creative content. Nearly 60% of clients rated us an impressive 9 or 10. And there’s more… 

When asked ‘Do you consider Sticky to be a valuable and reliable business partner that can provide you with advice and guidance on any business challenges?’ 82% of respondents rated Sticky 8 or above. That’s got to be something to be proud of, especially in recent years as brands have had to rethink their positioning and messaging during the pandemic, cost of living struggles and conflict in Ukraine. 

It’s not just our content and advice that clients value but our people too. 94% of respondents rated us 8 or above when asked if our account management team provide good leadership and deliver beyond expectations. By combining our expertise with a friendly manner we’ve been able to make a real difference.  

NPS scores to shout about

The ‘pièce de résistance’ has to be our new and improved NPS score. The customer experience metric can fall anywhere between –100 to +100 and we went from a solid 68 to an outstanding +82 in the space of one year. Just to put that into context, the average score for agencies is around the +60 mark.  

The numbers speak for themselves, if you’re looking to partner with an agency as highly recommended as Sticky, please reach out. We’d be happy to discuss your marketing objectives and how we can meet those goals together. 

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