Sticky Staff Spotlight: Georgie Mathew

Get to know Georgina Mathew, Client Services Director at Sticky

She talks about her wealth of experience in content marketing, her role in driving commercial success through exceptional client experiences, her proudest career moment, and much more…

A lot of hard work (real blood, sweat, and tears!) goes into the campaigns we create, and seeing the results along with satisfied clients achieving their goals makes it worthwhile.

What do you do at Sticky in one sentence?

It’s my job to make sure our clients love working with Sticky.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My alarm(!) I love starting the day with a Reformer Pilates class – a good stretch and moving my body gets me ready for the day ahead. Knowing I’ve got my day and meetings all planned out with our talented team puts a pep in my step.

What’s your background and experience?

I’ve worked in content marketing for nearly 20 years, for a mix of independent and group-owned agencies, specialising in marketing for some of the UK’s biggest brands – from John Lewis to M&S, Tesco, Barclays, O2, Morrisons, Asda, and George. I’ve led teams responsible for brand comms on owned channels, across digital and print, capturing the target audience’s attention to achieve increased brand awareness, promoting products and services, launching own-brand labels, and shifting mindsets.

Seeing my team grow and flourish never gets old

What is your proudest moment in your career so far?

It’s so hard to pick one! The launch of Sticky’s agency-led report ‘The Power of Curiosity’ was right up there. It’s the first report of its kind to truly explore what curiosity means to consumers and how brands can leverage it. Seeing all the team’s hard work come together in our event at the rooftop venue, 12th Knot over the Southbank, and showcasing the teams’ incredible thinking to clients and prospective clients was an amazing experience. A lot of hard work (read: blood, sweat, and tears!) goes into the campaigns we create, and seeing the results along with satisfied clients achieving their goals makes it worthwhile. And finally, seeing my team grow and flourish never gets old.

What is a typical week for you at Sticky?

I’m responsible for delivering commercial success for Sticky from our existing client base which is driven by exceptional client experience – so my week can include anything from catching up with clients on their latest brief, collaborating with them to achieve their marketing and business objectives, working with the teams on creative pitches, finance tracking, problem-solving, team 121’s, weekly SLT meetings, taking time for a spot of lunch with the team to get my fill of office banter and looking for opportunities across our client base. All while keeping relationships productive, communicative, and friction-free, to ensure our clients keep coming back for more and are advocates for Sticky in the industry.  

What type of projects do you work on?

It varies depending on what our clients are trying to achieve. Our mega-talented Sticky team is skilled in strategy and creativity, from video production, photography, and design to editorial, so we’re well-placed to work on a broad spectrum of projects for our clients on owned and paid channels. Our client base is quite varied too, covering everything from financial services, tech, healthcare, telecoms, and leisure/tourism to food and beverage.

Our role is to hear what’s being said and read the unsaid.

What role do you see your department playing in the future of Sticky?

Account Management is pivotal in the agency mix – driving commercial success by investing time into building relationships with the client, and taking time to understand their needs, priorities, and the challenges they navigate internally. Our role is to hear what’s being said and read the unsaid. We use this intel and combine it with the team’s strategic, creative, and project management prowess to steer our clients in the best possible direction for mutual growth. 

How can someone come to you for help?

The easiest way is to send us an email ( or reach out directly I’m always open to hearing about new campaigns or challenges businesses are facing to try and figure out how we can help.

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