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Behaviours over flavours

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Home to the UK’s number one Pinot Grigio, Merlot and Pink Moscato, when Barefoot asked us to boost brand sentiment and position their wine as a premium product, we looked beyond bouquets and toward behaviours.

The marketing team ordered a creative campaign designed to:

  • Boost brand awareness by 6% from 56% to 62%
  • Deliver assets that voice their brand values
  • Help Barefoot become the number 1 wine brand in the UK by revenue


We flipped the tasting notes script and took a deep dive through Barefoot’s socials to find what matters most to its drinkers: those occasions where a bottle makes moments more memorable.

We poured our professional hearts and souls into a TV commercial focused on life-moments. A collage of date nights and game nights boosted by Barefoot, which aired during Love Island episodes in 2021.

And for the perfect content pairing, we shot and delivered a year-long social campaign featuring high quality photos and copy. Chef’s kiss


increase in brand awareness
increase in likelihood to purchase

The brand’s first TV and radio adverts, launched by us
Barefoot wine bottle and barbecue

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