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Compare the Market is one of the first names most of us think of when we’re looking for an insurance deal, but some people need that extra Google-shaped nudge.

Everyone’s favourite comparison companions asked us to improve their search ranking in:

  • Home insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Life insurance


Getting to and staying at position one (P1) on Google’s results pages is an ongoing task. By delivering a steady stream of copy on a wide range of subjects we’re able to keep the minds behind the meerkats ahead of the competition.

We’re constantly creating new pages and refreshing existing copy to make sure it’s up to date, fully optimised, written in the right tone of voice and responding to customers’ needs. Our skills in a complex regulated market ensure our work achieves a 94% first time sign‑off from compliance.

And that’s not all. We review press releases, identify and fill content gaps, working in partnership with Compare the Market’s in‑house teams to become the comparison site’s go‑to content creators for almost 5 years.


for home, energy, car and van insurance
shiny UK Content Award for Finance Content Campaign of the Year
first-time sign-off

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