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Finding the right tone for new audiences

Tone of Voice, Training


The World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO, is the UN’s agency for all things patent and trademark related. Trusted to promote and protect bright ideas across the globe, the Organization decided it was time to talk to a new audience.

The international authority on intellectual property asked Sticky to:

  • Refresh their tone of voice (ToV) to talk to inventors and creators
  • Develop ToV training sessions for internal teams
  • Deliver the sessions in their Geneva office and virtually


We immersed ourselves in the WIPO world, reviewing interviews and web pages, before writing a questionnaire and collating its answers to better understand the organisation. The results provided us with a solid foundation to run a workshop with key stakeholders, to refine and define new tonal values that connect with creative minds.

Out went the legalese and in came the layman’s terms as we created a new set of TOV guidelines aligned with digital best practice. We then ran a mammoth 15 workshops and webinars across all levels of the business to ensure everyone from lawyers to content writers were equipped to put the guidance to good use.


respondents to our ToV questionnaire
attendees at our in-person workshop
training sessions delivered
new and improved and creator-friendly ToV

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