Building on tonal values to push performance

Client comms


Abbott helps people living with diabetes to make managing their symptoms easier using their glucose monitoring system. When they were looking for ways to build and support their community even further, they wanted to know how a curious Sticky team would do things differently.

We were asked to boost brand sentiment rather than push products by: 

  • Making content that struck a chord with a wider audience 
  • Exploring content formats to spread the Abbott word 
  • Showing that living with diabetes doesn’t have to hold you back 


Diabetes is a complex condition, so the same old formats and information simply weren’t going to cut it.  We focused on really getting to know the different audiences and their daily challenges.

The result was a podcast series sharing the real stories of inspirational people living with diabetes. The intimate format and real-life element showcased the human side of the brand and that they really know and care about their audience.

Then we went bigger, conceiving and creating a three-day virtual event modelled on live TV shows and themed around subjects which matter to Abbott’s audience, breaking complex and emotional topics into bite-size chunks with a clear narrative thread.


podcast series replicated by Abbott teams worldwide
uplift in registrations for the 2nd virtual event
average review score
better-supported community of people living with diabetes

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