Jaguar Land Rover

Dear Dorothy, award winning film

Jaguar Land Rover


Land Rover has been building cars that combine adventure and luxury since 1948. When the iconic brand turned 70, they wanted to reward the people who made it possible.

Their birthday wish was to:

  • Go global through earned media in three markets
  • Boost positive engagement on social media
  • Shift positive sentiment up a gear
  • Give a former employee the chance to ride the 16th ever Land Rover


We captured the moment ex-Land Rover employee Dorothy Peters was reunited with a car-shaped colleague from the 1940s. Dorothy shared her experiences of working at the Solihull factory as she was taken for a bumpy drive down memory lane.

Like Land Rover, we rolled out something classy from the production line. A well‑crafted tale, cut and edited to pull on the heart strings and show audiences what the brand means to people. Motoring content driven by emotions.


5 markets
Coverage across South Africa, Holland, Russia, Canada and USA
Brand Film Awards
Corp Comms Award
very happy Dorothy
Jaguar Land Rover – Dear Dorothy

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