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Building brand awareness in a saturated market

Copywriting, Design, Scriptwriting, SEO, Social, Strategy, Video


Insurance providers Ageas were looking to drive conversions for their home and car policies across price comparison websites.

The ‘easy as’ insurers asked us to increase:

  • brand awareness from 22.5%*
  • brand consideration from 5.3%**
  • regional brand buzz from 2%*** 
  • their brand appeal score from 115 to 135 points


Our insight told us that consumers see insurance as a required rather than desired purchase. To help change attitudes we created an ‘easy as’ eco-system across a content strategy including blogs, organic SEO, YouTube videos and more, and showing how Ageas understands people and makes insurance simple.

Through a multimedia dashboard, we used a test and learn approach to decide on media spend. Our focus on ROI and lean and affective media, allowed us to deliver timely results while making the best use of the clients’ budget. The perfect foundations for 2024, when new creative ideas through an expanded use of media will help us to build on our successes so far.

brand awareness increase from 17% to 33%
88 positions
climbed by keywords
decrease in PPC cost per sale
21 million+
paid impressions
pieces of content generated
*Source: Censuswide Brand Awareness Survey August 2023
**Source: YouGov Brand Index measures for targeted regions only
***Source: Compare the Market brand appeal index

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