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Even the internet’s biggest names need support from Sticky. Facebook’s parent company Meta is also home to Workplace from Meta, a communication platform built for business. 

The internet giants asked us to:  

  • Improve Workplace from Meta’s Google ranking  
  • Increase brand visibility 
  • Produce copy covering key topics 
  • Create and edit inspiring video content 


We delved into the data to capture the imagination of business leaders, combining research in current and emerging business trends and working closely with Meta’s SEO agency to deliver consistently high-quality content. 

From engaging employees to forecasting the future of work and leadership, we were trusted by one of the web’s biggest names to bring their marketing pillars to life with our keen eye for content – an approach that won us a few friends at Facebook HQ. 

increase in impressions
increase in sessions
increase in views
Workplace from Meta – Part 1 “The Streets”
Talking about Leadership

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