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The Museum of London has told the story of the capital from the city’s Roman walls since 1976. When the museum upped sticks and rebranded in 2023, they called on Sticky’s help to share a story of their own.

The newly renamed London Museum asked us to: 

  • Produce films highlighting the move to different audiences
  • Help raise the funds to finish the project
  • Put people front and centre of the content


We asked ‘what makes the London Museum so special?’ and learned about a unique space where Londoners can see a little of themselves across an eclectic collection of objects and artefacts.

Interview footage, drone fly-bys and animations came together to seamlessly show how the museum represents its residents from the past, present and future. 

videos of polished promo
“You’ve done an incredible job and we’re all so pleased with it.”
Zoe Wagner
London Museum

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